Intrusion Alarm

Intrusion Security System Monitoring Services Available from Oriflamme IT Solutions

A security threat doesn’t always come from the outside. Employee theft affects morale and your bottom line. Often, just the presence of a state-of-the-art security system is enough to deter theft. When you trust your security system monitoring to Oriflamme IT Solutions, you can be sure that any unauthorized access to your property can be swiftly identified and appropriately managed.

Single Project

Our Monitored Intruder Detection systems provide 24/7 protection for your buildings to deter theft and unauthorised entry. Moreover, our solutions ensure that in the event of a breach an effective response is imminent. 

Whatever your requirements, an Intruder Alarm system is a highly cost-effective means of increasing the safety of your employees and protecting your assets. Our solutions are designed to offer:

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Internal & Perimeter Protection
  • Asset & Property Protection
  • Personal Attack Monitoring
  • High-Security Signalling

Our range of solutions can be fully integrated with your existing building systems to deliver a truly bespoke and scalable solution. By integrating Intruder Alarm with CCTV and Access Control you can benefit from security performance enhancements and cost savings.

In addition to deterrents and alarms, we can also design and deploy integrated solutions to:

  • Restrict access to specific areas of your building
    •    Track assets within your facility
    •    Provide video surveillance for enhanced security